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Leaf Shave

The Twig Razor

The Twig Razor

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Eco-friendly single edge razors. Find your ridiculously comfy single-edge shave. Plastic-free, of course.

If you’re looking for a single blade shave there is no better option.

✓ Intuitive blade angle
✓ Back-weighted handle
✓ Magnetic Load Assist™
✓ Twist-to-open loading
✓ Works with standard safety razor blades

What's Included:

• Leaf single-edge razor 
• 5-blade pack

🌍 Plastic-Free Packaging
🌍 Carbon Neutral

Is This a Fit?

Face Shaver? Yes. With a head half the size of any standard safety razor, and smaller than the Leaf triple-blade razor, you can reach tight places with ease.

Head Shaver?
 Many head shavers gravitate towards our triple-blade razor. If you don’t mind a little extra time and want a single blade shave, try Thorn.

Body Shaver? Most folks shaving legs, body or under arm choose our triple-blade razor. If you have your heart set on a single blade shave, you’ll find The Twig to be an easy transition for you.

About Leaf Shave:

Let our small team help you make a big change. Hi, 👋 we’re the two Adams. We set out to design a better razor. And it turns out that a better razor is also better for the environment. We hope that you love your new shave. If anything ever doesn’t feel right, just reach out. We’re people on the other side, ready to help.

We're in this together. And we're making an impact.

At Leaf, we use innovation to challenge the status quo.

That means re-building products that you use daily from the ground up, and looking creatively at what we can bring to the table that’s new.

There’s no plastic razor, or safety razor out there that’s like a Leaf Shave. And we're only just beginning. We'll stop when every person has ditched disposable plastics for their shave.

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