the story behind simply pure living

Hi! I'm Dana, and I'm really excited to tell you the story behind Simply Pure Living™. It's a story that is closely woven into my own journey. Many years ago I had a serious concussion that caused me to struggle with my health for many years. I experienced many setbacks but I continued to search for ways to heal. That search eventually led me to discover that I had chronic Lyme disease. Dealing with both the effects of the concussion and Lyme disease pushed me to find out what was really causing these issues and how I could help my body heal.

It turns out, I had many other serious problems that often go hand in hand with these illnesses. Issues like hormone imbalances, parasites, mold exposure, and constant inflammation. As I learned more about the toxins that harm our bodies, I started looking at the things I put on and in my body. I found many nutrition supplements were contaminated with heavy metals or had such poor quality it could be harming you more than helping you. Most skincare contained ingredients that kill your microbiome and are endocrine disruptors. I noticed that the quality of what I put in my body, on my body, and around my body was critical for my health.

There are lots of toxins everywhere!

It is easy for our bodies to get overwhelmed. Our “toxic bucket” can overflow. We're seeing more and more people dealing with things like autoimmune diseases and cancer, which is really scary. But even if we're not facing those big issues, these toxins can still contribute to nearly any symptom we are facing. They drain our energy, mess with our vitality, harm the environment, and the worst part is, we're basically giving big companies money to sell us harmful products.
I'm a big believer in supporting small businesses that genuinely care about what they're selling and the people they're selling to. Sure, we can't control all the toxins around us, but we can definitely control lots of them. That's why I started this business—to give you the power to make better choices. Every time you choose a healthier option, it's not just good for you, it's good for the people around you and the world.

Simply Pure Living was born from a problem I faced, and it turns out a lot of others were facing it too.

What problem? Well, it wasn't easy to live a toxin-free life. The market is flooded with products that claim to be clean, but they're actually not. Even after I found products I liked, I had to shop from sometimes ten different places. I appreciate that different brands have their strengths, but it's a hassle to keep track of it all. So, I decided to create a place where you can find all of the best essentials in one spot. No more spending ages hunting down safe products. No more juggling orders from different sites.

Another huge part of my story is my love for small businesses. This business allows me to better support small businesses and those who truly care about our health and wellbeing. Each purchase from a small business creates ripples. Not only are you supporting the small business brand you are purchasing, but it trickles down to the small businesses they support through product sourcing. It may even trickle down to the dollars they spend to support other small businesses in their personal lives. We all have the power to make a change. I want everyone to find more small businesses to support. Supporting families and makers is a true passion of mine.

Most of the people I meet want to live healthier lives, but they're not sure where to start. I want Simply Pure Living to be that starting point—a place that gets you moving toward a better lifestyle. I hope you'll trust me and Simply Pure Living™ to offer you the absolute best products.

Where Wellness and Transparency Unite

  • Community & Connection

    We want to know where the materials and products are coming from. When possible, we want to know the farmer who grows the herbs or individual who creates the serum. We believe this creates a community and connection that will be felt when you use these products.

  • Minimal Ingredients

    When applicable and possible, we look for products that are wild harvested, organic, glyphosate tested, heavy metal tested, essential oil free, low pufa, pasture raised and 100% grass fed. Simply pure with as few ingredients as possible.

Our Values


We believe in open and honest communication about the ingredients, sourcing, and manufacturing processes of the products we stock. Empowering you to make informed choices.


Sourcing products that pass rigorous standards


We empower our customers with knowledge about non-toxic living, offering resources and support to help them make informed decisions that align with their values.


Offering products that simplify and enhance our customers' lives, promoting a minimalist approach to household care without compromising on quality.