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Leaf Shave

The Leaf Razor

The Leaf Razor

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Description: Eco-friendly Leaf Razor, a triple-blade pivoting head plastic free shaving razor. Most loved by head, body, leg and underarm shavers for its wild efficiency. There is no razor like The Leaf. Refill with up to three blades, and follow all the countours with the unique pivoting head. The Leaf razor is designed to shave just like the 5 blade cartridges you're used to. As close a shave. As easy a shave. As safe a shave. Except with none of the plastic-waste, and with refills that cost pennies.

Comes with a 10-blade starter pack. 


  1. Plastic Free
  2. Recyclable
  3. Refillable
  4. No toxic lube strips
  5. Can last forever


  • Triple-blade efficiency
  • Pivoting head ease
  • Magnetic Load Assist™
  • Works with standard safety razor blades
  • Adjusts to your needs (full-loaded for the closest shave, remove the bottom blade for more sensitive skin)

How to Use: 

A long, balanced handle delivers control. And if you need extra support slide on our silicone sleeve for extra grip (sold separately). Scan the QR code on packaging to watch a how-to video. It is extremely easy to load and unload the blades into the razor. Use along with some form of shaving soap. Don't apply any extra pressure, let the weight of the razor do the work (don't press hard!). If the razor is too aggressive, remove the bottom blade to dial things back. Rinse the razor as needed — the razor and skin should always be damp. Feel your skin to find places you may have missed and go over them again. For even closer results, repeat the process shaving against the natural direction of hair growth.


This razor can last you forever if taken care of properly. The blades themselves vary. Most people see between 5 and 8 shaves on a set of blades. Some folks go months, and others swap them every few shaves. Our suggestion is to push them as far as you can out of the gate to get a sense for how long they last for you, and swap them only when you feel they are dull and not shaving any longer.

While using Leaf Razor, rinse from the front and back as needed to keep the blade-face clear of hair. After you finish using Leaf Razor, rinse thoroughly from the outside, or open the head up and rinse from within / amongst the blades. Opening and rinsing the blades individually is *not necessary* but some folks like to do this after heavy shaves to ensure the cleanest tool between uses. To get the longest life from your blades, pat them dry between uses. Water will shorten the life of any shaving blade. Drying your blades is *not necessary* but some folks may want to eek out the longest life from their blades.

If you find your razor accumulating shave soap residue / hair residue, we suggest periodically scrubbing it clean. First, remove all of the blades. Take an old toothbrush (designated razor cleaning brush) and apply a small amount of dish soap to it. With water, scrub all over, working up a good bubbly lather from the soap. Scrub the front, the back, around the screw crown, open the head and scrub on top and beneath each layer. Work all of the nooks and crannies until you are satisfied. Thoroughly rinse the soap off, and use a soft cloth or towel to dry the razor. If you'd like, you can finish this cleaning with a dunk in rubbing alcohol. Reinstall a fresh set of blades

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