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Rosé-Tinted Glasses™ Non-Alcoholic Rosé Wine Alternative

Rosé-Tinted Glasses™ Non-Alcoholic Rosé Wine Alternative

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CLINICAL HERBALIST-CRAFTED FORMULA FOR MOOD, SKIN & STRESS*: Made with potent herbs used for centuries and proven by science to help uplift the mood, promote dewy, moisturized skin, and provide a boost in cognitive function.

ROSÉ WINE ALTERNATIVE: 1 dropper into sparkling water or juice is enough to give yourself a blissful daytime buzz without the alcohol, sugar, or hangover.

100% PLANT-BASED & VEGAN INGREDIENTS: Featuring mood-boosting schisandra berry, skin-nourishing hibiscus, and brain-boosting lion’s mane mushroom. Combined with fruity and floral chrysanthemum flowers and strawberry for a rosé-inspired herbal tonic.

FAST RESULTS: Take ½ to 1 full-dropper onto the tongue for immediate mood and mental clarity support or add to a glass of sparkling water, juice, or a mocktail of choice for longer lasting stress and mood benefits.

+95% OF CUSTOMERS SAY EFFECTIVE ALCOHOL REPLACEMENT: 95% of participants felt Rosé-Tinted Glasses™ was an effective alcohol replacement for stress

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