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Leaf Shave

Razor Shower Holder

Razor Shower Holder

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Description: This is for all our shower-shavers, or those who want a convenient vertical mount for their Leaf Shave razor. Shower Holder is compatible with both razor models (the triple-blade Leaf Razor and our single-edge Twig or Thorn razors).

How To Install: Simply peel and stick, the powerful adhesive will ensure your precious razor is kept safe, without having to worry about it falling in the dead of night. Each unit ships with a backup adhesive pad which can be applied if you move your unit in the future.

1. [Install on a dry surface] Clean the surface with a bit of alcohol first, fully dry it.
2. [Peel & Stick] Shower Holder uses an adhesive pad. Simply peel the paper-backing on the adhesive and then stick it where you’d like to hang your razor.
3. [Hold it for 30 seconds] Apply pressure for 30 seconds.

Note: Once installed, it’s installed — measure twice, stick-once! An additional adhesive pad is included should you ever need to move it to a different location. 

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