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Tallow Bar Soap

Tallow Bar Soap

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Description: The original soap. Traditionally and historically, soaps were made with rendered animal fats from pasture-raised, sustainably raised animals.  This bar is a rich and hydrating alternative to the many vegetable oil-based soaps, for an incredibly cleansing experience. 


Rich in essential vitamins such as A, D, K, E, and B12, organic tallow, especially from pasture-raised cattle, works wonders on skin issues like eczema and diaper rashes. Its composition closely resembles human skin, making it easily absorbable.


Saponified Suet Tallow (fat) from certified regeneratively-raised Northern California cattle, Séka Hills extra-virgin olive oil, and alkaline water.


Made with meticulous care from the rendered suet fat of Northern California pasture-raised cattle blended with truly extra-virgin olive oil grown by the Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation. The bar measures 4.9 ounces and is cold-processed.

How to Use: 

A multipurpose bar can be used as a shampoo, body bar, or shaving soap.

Storage and Best By:

For handcrafted soaps like ours, a raised soap dish works best. Ensure it dries between uses to prolong its life. While our tallow is of top-notch quality and doesn't easily turn rancid, it's always best to use the products when fresh. We recommend using them within nine months for optimum results.

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