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Prime Protein Powder

Prime Protein Powder

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Prime Protein is an all-natural beef isolate protein. Every serving of Prime Protein contains 3.5 oz of grass-fed beef. That's 20+g of protein and absolutely no added sugar. Unlike other protein powders, this product contains no soy, dairy, gluten, egg, or whey.

Optimize Your Workouts: Beef protein is packed with the collagen, gelatin, and micro-nutrients your body needs to help build and repair muscle. Load it up in your protein shaker bottle or make it into a smoothie for a delicious pre or post-workout treat.

None of the Things You Don't Need: We think protein blends should be made of pure protein, so we've formulated our Prime Protein blend without the junk that your body doesn't need. That's why Prime Protein is made from real, whole ingredients only.


  • 1.7 lbs. (771g)

Ingredients: Grass-fed Beef Protein

Why Use Beef Protein Powder?

Beef protein is packed with the collagen, gelatin, and micro-nutrients your body needs. Unlike other protein powders, it’s not packed with possible allergens found in soy, dairy, egg, or whey. Studies have shown that beef protein provides additional benefits to strength, hypertrophy, and fat loss over whey.

How much protein is in every serving?

There are 21 grams of protein for every serving. That’s 10% more than the industry average, meaning you get more grass-fed beef protein in every scoop.

How to Enjoy:

Prime Protein is the perfect supplement to have whenever you want 21 grams of grass-fed beef protein, that’s because it has a full complement of amino acids (unlike plant-based proteins). It’s more than a supplement. It’s a natural source of the collagen, gelatin and micro-nutrients you’d find in a 4 oz. steak. Take Prime Protein after a workout to build muscle and repair ligaments and take it as a meal replacement. With Prime Protein, it’s never been easier to feed your body.

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Customer Reviews

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Mary-John Blevins
Best protein powder

This is hands down the best protein powder-- I was using this before Simply Pure Living and now it makes my life so much easier with the convenience of being able to add it to my cart along with other favorite products found on one site. I recently tried the unflavored and now I use it every single day mixed into my hot morning drinks. Game changer.