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Perfect Chlorella Powder

Perfect Chlorella Powder

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Organic and fairly-traded chlorella. Pure broken cell wall chlorella. 

Chlorella is a green single-cell micro alga that grows naturally in fresh water. Chlorella is a very popular food supplement throughout Asia. In fact, Japanese citizens consume more Chlorella per capita than Americans take Vitamin C.

Chlorella is a vegetarian protein source that surpasses meat, fish, and eggs. In addition to chlorophyll, it contains huge amounts of vitamin A, vitamin B12, iron, beta-carotene, copper, and trace amounts of zinc. Chlorella is an excellent detoxifying agent because it binds to heavy metals, pesticides, and other wastes and eliminates them from the body. Perfect Chlorella contains "Broken Cell Wall" Chlorella to ensure that the nutrients in Chlorella are easily digested and highly bioavailable.

Chlorella contains a unique complex called Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) which is a combination of nucleic acids, peptides and polysaccharides. It plays a protective role for the cells, which in turn helps in the healthy aging process. In addition, the presence of unique polysaccharides is known to boost the body’s immune system.

(180g powder per container)

Health Benefits: 

  • Boosts the Immune System*
  • Rich source of Vitamin B12*
  • Improves Digestion*
  • Detoxifies the Body by Removing Heavy Metals*
  • Improves Liver and Brain Functions*
  • Alleviates Constipation*
  • Relieves the Pain of Arthritis*
  • Increases Energy and Endurance*
  • Promotes Growth and Repair of Tissues*
  • Supports nutrition, cellular health, and anti-aging*


  • Perfect Chlorella is grown in environmentally controlled raceway ponds 
  • 100% Organic Certified - NO pesticides, herbicides, or toxic chemicals
  • Organic Certified by USDA NOP, Naturland, and EcoCert
  • Non-GMO and Non-Irradiated
  • Free From Alfa and Algal Toxins
  • HALAL Certified Ingredient
  • Kosher Certified Ingredient
  • Fully Lab tested (see below) to be pure, bursting with nutrients, and free of any contaminants.
  • Free of All Major Food Allergens (Gluten-Free, Soy Free, Egg Free, Dairy Free, Nut Free, and Vegan)
  • Grown and processed in an ISO-22000, GMP Certified Facility.
  • Fairly Traded to ensure that human rights are maintained at every stage of production and that workers who helped create this product enjoy safe and fair working conditions with ethical wages.
  • Perfect Chlorella does not contain fillers, flow agents, dyes, sugars, stimulants, or any other artificial ingredients

Suggested Use:

It is recommended that you start with 1/2 scoop per day. After your body becomes adjusted to the supplement, you may increase to 1 scoop per day.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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